Storage to celebrate!


Spring clean is done and dusted and the house is sparkling…. time to celebrate!

Now… Where do you put everything? Don’t worry! We have some storage solutions that we think are worthy of a celebration. They meet two very important criteria:

Great storage must a) hide your things and b) look good doing it.

Hey Sign make storage pots in 3 sizes, perfect for all those little, easily misplaced items. Made from 100% felted wool, they are even washable!

Their vibrant colours make them perfect to colour code, so you know where to find what you’re looking for (and everyone else knows where to put things back!).

Your keys go in green, bills in blue and remote control, well that’s probably under the sofa.

dharma door

What about those larger items that get in the way- like that giant pile of Real Living magazines you can’t bring yourself to throw out? There is a hand-woven Dharma Door jute basket to perfectly disguise most of your possessions.

Available in various sizes, they look great and their sturdy handles make them really else to move around the house- if all else fails at least you can walk around the house and throw everything in a basket!

They are fair trade, hand woven, and they don’t hurt if you trip over them.

To shop storage click here 

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Your day starts here.

hero crop

Don’t make the bed…

Like a breath of fresh air, spring is finally here. Greeted by the sun (most mornings), I’m sure you’ll agree getting out of bed is no longer the same chilly challenge it once was.

These lovely moments of sunshine can be fleeting- you might even miss them while fluffing your pillows and tucking your sheets.

So, we believe in keeping things simple, especially when it comes to making the bed in the morning. How about, don’t?

messy bed crop

Lazy layers of luxurious pure Belgian linen give you the perfect excuse to get up and go, with their delicately crumpled appeal and relaxed look that seems too easy to be true.

Pull your layers up and leave them as they land.

Invest well in tonal layers of pure linen and reap the rewards in sunny walks and lingering coffees before work.

Take back your mornings and let your bed linen do the work for you!

Shop it here 

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Made in Melbourne, feather filled.

image 2

Under the watchful eye of the mummadot, the southwood cushion family is growing up fast! From just a few original designs in classic southwood colours, to a fully fledged designer collection, things are a-changing!

What remains the same, is what is at heart. Designed in our studio, our cushions are 100% local. The fabric is hand screen printed around the corner from the shop, and then carefully sewn together and finished in a neighbourhood not too far from there.

We use, and will only ever use 100% natural fibres for our cushion outers with a range from natural linens to plush cotton velvet. We lovingly fill them with plump feather inners for optimum shape and they are ready to go.

Get ready to jump into a whole new world of southwood cushions!

We can’t wait to show you what is coming…. Stay tuned!

To see the full range visit us here

Photos lovingly shot by Martina Gemmola and styled by Paige Anderson for southwood.


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Occasional furniture: No occasion required


Beautifully considered, locally hand crafted occasional furniture.

Perfect for your home, everyday.

From native tree to treasured table, we take pride in every methodical step along the way. Each piece begins as a unique slice of Australian timber with a history of its own.

Hidden in plain sight is a little bit of furniture-making history in every piece. The hand turned legs in our stools and coffee tables are joined with a visible peg. This is a tried and tested method of wood crafting that requires meticulous effort from a talented craftsman.

While it looks like our standard lamp (and hat stand) comes apart in two, the join you see is a faithful nod to the days of early lamp making in Melbourne, where they simply could not be wired as one piece. No longer a necessity, more a nuance appreciated by southwood and furniture lovers alike.

After all the hard work is done, we retain the tactile nature of timber at its best with a subtle satin treatex finish that truly highlights the natural grain.

See the range here

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Going with the Flow- how to add a little softness

 How do I achieve a soft and effortlessly luxurious look in my bedroom?


Start with your bed. An expertly upholstered bed frame is a modern way of bringing an instant sense of softness to the bedroom. The southwood Flow bed’s rounded curves have been wrapped beautifully in felted wool, perfect for winter. Come spring time a lovely linen will do the trick.

detail crop

Next stop- invest in a floor rug. Look around for a soft, textured rug. Not sure how big to go? A 2 x 3m rug works really well under a King or Queen size bed.

If that is stretching the budget too far, a 1.7 x 2.4m rug will do the trick under a Queen or Double bed. Just bring the rug further down, so it starts about half way down your bed. The soft, braided wool in the Sierra rug from Armadillo&co is undeniably hard to go past!

Get layering. Your choice of colours & textures, layered generously, adds to the impact in an entirely effortless way.

crop 2

Sheet + blanket + throw = too easy.  The key to successful layering is having some contrast between your layers in order to get the full effect.

Adding a quilted layer to a knitted layer or a pattern on top of a solid colour will help to generate a sense of built up softness and layered luxury.

Add a couple of textured cushions and you’re done! We’ve made it easy for you on our website. Shop the look here!

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Designer Series: Spaces by Diana

hero crop 1

Interior designers are such clever folk! We have the pleasure of working alongside many such vibrant, creative designers. We thought it only fair that we share with you some of the many little tricks, tips and sources of inspiration they share with us!

We would proudly like to introduce to you our first of many in our Designer Series, the creative behind this gorgeous children’s bedroom.

The Designer:  Diana Scully of Spaces by Diana 

Style: Eclectic, textural & relaxed.

Favourite magazine: Vogue living- interiors, travel & shopping!

Best tip for designing a kids room? Don’t be conservative! Express personality like your child does! A beautiful rug with gorgeous colour and pattern is always a great foundation for a child’s room.

The Brief: Create a modern, bright & exciting space for a weekly sleepover with twin grandchildren, that would work in the clients period style home. This new bedroom would need to reflect the individual personalities & interests of the 5 year old twins. Read: Pink, fairies & princesses for the little lady and robots & the colour blue for the little gent!


The inspiration: Diana found inspiration in the kids vibrant personalities. Their playfulness and endless smiles they brought to the faces of her client and her husband inspired a joyful room using plenty of colour and pattern. Blessed with lovely high ceilings, she took the opportunity to add some detail to the walls and use lighting as a feature.


The Result: The key to this room is the clever use of both children’s favourite colours in an Armadillo & co. customised floor rug. It seamlessly blends together the two sides of the room, keeping it feeling unified while still expressing the uniqueness of the twins.

Layered wool blankets from uimi, Bemboka & St Albans allow the children to layer up as needed from summer through winter.  Choosing blankets in both colourful prints and neutral base colours will allow the room to grow up as they do.


The best part? The children absolutely love it! Sleepovers have never been more fun.

Love the look?! Shop it here!

Photographs by Martina Gemmola, Styling by Diana from Spaces by Design.


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Neutral Delights


A few things spring to mind when we think about delicate neutrals…

Timeless? Yes!

Understated? Absolutely!

Exciting?  Well……

From a distance the perfectly selected tones certainly are gorgeous.

But the real excitement kicks in when you get up close and touch. This is a subtle sensory experience and Bemboka has it so right.

This is all about layers. This is about quality. Most of all, this is about luxury 

shot 2

Our pick for the peak of winter is the chunky rib throw- Supremely soft angora & fine Australian merino wool, knitted in New Zealand. Charmingly soft and unbelievably lightweight.

Of course saving the best ’till last, the biggest luxury here is convenience.

Machine wash and tumble dry you say?

Well now, that IS exciting!

Shop it all here!

All images styled by Paige Anderson & photographed by Martina Gemmola

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Happy Birthday to us!

Tomorrow marks our 2nd Birthday in Fitzroy! With never-ending inspiration; wonderful neighbours, amazing cafe’s & the odd cheeky bar nearby- who wouldn’t love it here!

We want to share with you our favourite things; things that delight us, things that inspire us and things that make us, us!

We hope you enjoy! Pop by over the weekend and celebrate with us!

blog mosaic images2

Some of our favourites things: Heather Nette Kings backyard (shot by Alicia Taylor), Armadillo&co Latitude rugs, Amy Sia cushions, southwood Recycled Messmate Curve table & bench, Armadillo&co Marigold rug, southwood upholstered Flow bed, St Albans Herringbone throws, southwood Lazenby chair, fresh fruit & veg AND Finch birds! LOVE!

southwood logo

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Happy feet

Need an incentive to get out of bed in the morning? We think landing sleepy feet onto a sublime, soft rug is a pretty good step in the right direction.
Tuesday blog

A look favoured by stylists, a rug strategically placed under a bed helps to ground your bed, creating an overall sense of cosiness that is hard to beat- especially in the cooler months.

How to choose? For winter, the softer the better. Think plush, deep pile rugs or delicate weaves in soft wool.  Due to the position of the rug, you can get away with using rugs that would not be suitable in high traffic areas- The new Armadillo & co Sierra weave, pictured above, is the perfect example.

Email us at to get on the wait list!

bed and reef

Small bedroom? Try adding a round rug- just enough for your feet to land softly out of bed (and add a much appreciated boost of colour.) Our favourite is a pure New Zealand wool reef rug- delightfully plush & available right now! Getting out of bed won’t seem so hard, after all.

Follow us on instagram and facebook here!

Check out the rest of ours rugs at

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Queens of Cushions!








Like you, we love cushions! We pride ourselves on having a huge range at southwood. With 7 brands and over 150 styles to choose from, we can safely say there is a cushion here for everyone.

From Bonnie & Neil’s famed eclectic designs to the thoroughly modern abstract prints from UK cushion maker Amy Sia, the bases are all covered. We fill each cushion with a duck feather inner for optimum comfort and shape.

If you aren’t sure where to start, come in and see us and we’ll do the ‘cushion dance’ with you!

cushionsTop from left: southwood velvet cushion in Peony, Bonnie & Neil Garden Floral cushion in pink, Amy Sia cushion in Flamingo.

 Middle from left: Bonnie & Neil Yellow cockatoo cushion, Uimi Riley cushion in Saffron, Imogen Heath Meadow cushion in lime.

Bottom from left: Uimi Ava cushion in teal, Ample Rocks cushion in blue, Amy Sia cushion in Sea of glass.

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