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A piece of art is a great starting place when you want build a colour palette for a room in your home. It doesn’t have to be a single piece of art; it could be a wall of photographs or a series of prints. If you have a lovely view rather than an artwork this […]


6 Melbourne interiors we love

No.1 – Bendigo House Interior Design by Flack Studio Photography by Brooke Holm Styling by Marsha Golemac Bemboka Wrinkle Bedspread from southwood No.2 – Williamstown residence Interior Design by Fiona Lynch Photography by Brooke Holm Styling by Marsha Golemac Bemboka towels in dove, Hey Sign Felt Pots in light grey from southwood. No.3 – Essendon House Styling & Interior Design by […]


southwood furniture catalogue

  When we launched southwood in 2008 it was with the intention of stocking locally made sustainable products for the home. Our furniture designs are simple and elegant, making the best use of local timbers and ensuring that their beauty is brought out in design and finish. Our range covers items for dining, living, the […]


truly sustainable furniture

Here at southwood we keep our products natural in the true sense of the word. Our upholstery is made with natural latex wrapped in 100% wool, instead of the ubiquitous petrochemical foams and Dacron wrap of contemporary manufacture. We have gone back to the traditional methods of the mid 20th century, before plastics took over in the 60s and 70s.


Create a healthy home: Natural Bedding

We spend a third of our life sleeping. Which means we spend up to a whopping 25 years or more in bed!  – Healthy Home Fact Did you know the average household mattress can contain over 60 different chemicals, including known carcinogens? – Heathy Home Fact As we spend so much of our lives in […]


Create a healthy home: Choose natural

We all like to be healthy. At southwood we take your wellbeing very seriously. Aside from the environmental benefits that our all-natural homewares and truly sustainable furniture give, southwood products are good for you too! Whilst taking a well-earned rest on your southwood sofa, it’s good to know that you’re snuggling up to 100% natural […]


Pillow Talk

We have all experienced that night away from home where the pillow was far from comfortable, resulting in a restless night’s sleep. This is why it is so important to have the right pillow for you, one that is not only comfortable but also supportive. Here at southwood we stock a range of natural pillows, from […]


Teixidors, a strickly manual process

The Teixidors factory in Terrassa, Spain produces extraordinary, unique textiles that are hand-woven on manual looms. Terrassa has a rich history of textile production, from which Teixidors has enriched itself, becoming a reference point in the world of textile creation. Teixidors’ Ecological collection uses only 100% ecological merino wool sourced from Macomerinos, France. It is […]

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