5 finishing touches for your home

Accessorising can often be overlooked, however matching a space with a few personal objects makes all the difference to making a home feel like home. Yes, you want a space of comfort and style, but you also want a space that tells your story and shows your unique aesthetic. Here our top accessory picks to add to your home:

1. Travel mementos
We have all been guilty of collecting beautiful pieces when we travel but often when we return home they end up hidden away in boxes not to be seen for many years. Choose a few objects, photos or prints from bygone days and place them around your home. Don’t worry, if you choose one or two objects it won’t result in clutter!
Pinterest is full of creative ways to do this.

2. Plants make us happy
Not only do they look great but they are also great for your health!!
In July last year we quadrupled the number of plants in our showroom and it feels so much better. We get people remarking on the calm and fresh vibe of the showroom, even when there are beautiful children playing, dogs strolling around and phones ringing. We honestly think the plants bring a light and relaxed feel to our space.

Here’s a great article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to choose your house plants

3. All things cosy
Cushions and throws are an excellent way to soften the look and feel of a space. It is also an easy way to introduce colour and/or texture.
Try to go for a variety of textures, sizes and shapes with your cushions – this will make it easier to layer and give you that styled look.

4. Still life
Exhibiting your treasured objects on a shelf or ledge always looks beautiful. The key to making this work is, just like with the cushions, select a variety of shapes, sizes and textures so you can create layers.

5. On the wall
Art, prints and photographs can be a great place to start when putting together a colour as you can play with the various colours in cushions and throws.
Not all spaces need art – some homes have large windows with stunning landscapes or city vistas. The same concept applies, using the view to build a palette and pull the outside, inside.

Mirrors also work magic in spaces – they can really play with space and light, making even the smallest of space feel bigger.

Images: Kristina Dam – WILL BE INSTORE  MAY 2018


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