Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Buying a mattress can be tricky. Bouncing around on shop floor beds can leave you in a state of indecision, which intensifies when you hear the retailer tell you how much of your life you will spend on a mattress (on average 2920 hours in a year!). We’ve all felt the impacts of a restless night’s sleep, which is why finding the right mattress for your body type is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. To make this process easy, clear and stress-free for you, we have made a guide for you to find your perfect mattress!

  1. Check out your options!
    There is an overwhelming number of options, so narrowing it down before you hit the shops will make it so much easier! Ask yourself, what exactly does your body need for a supported sleep? What’s important to you? What is it made out of? Do you have allergies or sensitivities? Do you opt for local and chemical-free mattresses over others? Once you know what you are after, research the companies that can deliver these things so you don’t waste your time trooping all over town testing various mattresses.
  2. Let go of your expectations!
    Our bodies change throughout our lifetime, so what has worked for you in the past in terms of a mattress may not be the best option for you now. Try to let go of the terms “soft,” “medium,” and “firm” as these are not consistent between different brands and all that matters at the end of the day is that you have a supportive mattress that feels great.
  3. Take your time, don’t rush it
    Dedicate enough time to testing the mattresses out. After you find one you like, go for a coffee and then return to try it again. Remember, it’s important to lie in the actual positions in which you sleep, however strange that may be. Dress comfortably so you can toss and turn with ease. If you are a couple you should both try the mattress – your individual shape, size, weight and sleep position determines how a mattress feels to you.
  4. Get the most life out of your mattress
    How is this for a thought – in its lifetime a mattress will double in weight with the accumulation of mould, dust and dead skin cells. Make sure you ask how to protect the mattress you’re interested in, each brand and make will have a slightly different method. We can not recommend mattress protectors enough! We stock Bambi Cumfysafe mattress protectors. The surface of these protectors are made from Tencel, a eucalyptus-based fibre which is cool, absorbent, and free from any pesticides or agricultural chemicals. They are very soft, clinically tested for sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic and don’t make any noise when you move around on them. Best of all they are anti-bacterial, preventing bacteria, mould, & dust mites from breeding in your mattress and are very breathable. Mattresses are an investment and a few easy steps can make them last a lot longer!
  5. Still can’t make a decision?
    So you have got to the point where you are comparing two mattresses and you really can’t make a decision…our advice? Try the mattress after a big day at work or after some strenuous exercise. A tired body will have increased sensitivity to the feel of the mattresses. Choosing between a softer or firmer mattress? Go with the firmer option because you can always make it softer with an overlay.

Voila! That is how you can find the mattress of your dreams. Come and visit us at 329 Napier Street, Fitzroy. We would love to help you find you and your family the perfect mattress for peaceful nights’ sleep.


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