The Design Stories with Bek Shepperd

Bek Shepperd’s aesthetic is simultaneously bold and contemporary yet grounded in a classic elegance. With a background in visual merchandising, she has now placed herself on the international map as a much sought-after stylist and art director. We sat down with Bek when she dropped into our store and asked her a few questions about […]


5 finishing touches for your home

Accessorising can often be overlooked, however matching a space with a few personal objects makes all the difference to making a home feel like home. Yes, you want a space of comfort and style, but you also want a space that tells your story and shows your unique aesthetic. Here our top accessory picks to […]


6 Easy steps to create your own colour scheme

The space you live in has such a big effect on your mentality, so we think it’s important to follow through with your ideas to create a room you love being in. Following our six easy steps will not only make decorating your home an easy process, but a joyful and satisfying one too! Firstly, […]


Give Your Scrolling Thumb a Break With Our Top 5 Interior Books

The last day of summer has been and gone, so let’s welcome these Autumn days with quiet moments on the couch reading about beautiful spaces.  These books will spark ideas and answer questions. 1.Warehouse Home by Sophie Bush A worldwide collection of the most contemporary and intelligently designed former industrial spaces which have been transformed […]


How to Create the Perfect Sleep Sanctuary

In the modern world of distractions, there is an art to creating the space and time for a rejuvenating deep sleep. Yes, we have all read the benefits of getting enough sleep such as improved memory, emotional stability, skin, weight and blood pressure. However, it doesn’t always mean that we make sure we get those […]


Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Buying a mattress can be tricky. Bouncing around on shop floor beds can leave you in a state of indecision, which intensifies when you hear the retailer tell you how much of your life you will spend on a mattress (on average 2920 hours in a year!). We’ve all felt the impacts of a restless night’s […]


How to create a healthy living room

Creating a healthy home starts with asking lots of questions. If you don’t ask you will probably never know exactly what has gone into a particular product. When products are made with natural fibres using traditional techniques all the answers you get should be short and sweet. There are so many synthetic materials and finishes […]


We love organic cotton

Buying organic cotton is all about paying for what is NOT in the product. Whenever possible it is best to buy organic over regular cotton. Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop, consuming up to 25% of all the agricultural chemicals worldwide. This has an impact on all of us, as well […]

Petunia rug in hemp


Hemp is often confused with sisal, sea grass and jute. Although these fibres may look similar to each other they all feel and wear differently. As far as we are concerned hemp is by far the softest and most durable. Why we love hemp? It feels great underfoot. The natural varied colour of hemp brings […]

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