Be illuminated this winter



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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. Lighting adds ambience, warmth and comfort and what makes a house a home. Beyond the practicality of light, the lighting in your home has a big influence on the personality of a room. It is good to introduce varying degrees of light to create layers within a room. If you only have direct light sources, it will make the space feel gloomy and dull. If you light the room evenly without much contrast, the room will appear flat and uninviting. Lighting can make all the difference to wanting you to be in a room, to relax, wind down and just enjoy the atmosphere. Here are some different lights we have at Southwood ranging from the subtle to the more patterned and colourful. We have a variety of sizes of shades all printed by hand on natural fibres such as linen and hemp. Our bases are turned from solid timbers, made locally and give a lovely natural and warm feel to any room.


























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