We love organic cotton

Buying organic cotton is all about paying for what is NOT in the product. Whenever possible it is best to buy organic over regular cotton. Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop, consuming up to 25% of all the agricultural chemicals worldwide. This has an impact on all of us, as well […]


Amelia Anderson textile range for southwood

  We are thrilled to be launching a brand new exclusive cushion range in collaboration with photographer Amelia Anderson. The range features iconic  images from Amelia’s collection including ‘Black Betty’ and ‘Billy the Budgie’. The collection also features several soft, feathery close-ups which have a beautiful, tactile quality and will add texture to any space. All of […]


Teixidors, a strictly manual process

The Teixidors factory in Terrassa, Spain produces extraordinary, unique textiles that are hand-woven on manual looms. Terrassa has a rich history of textile production, from which Teixidors has enriched itself, becoming a reference point in the world of textile creation. Teixidors’ Ecological collection uses only 100% ecological merino wool sourced from Macomerinos, France. It is […]