Our ultimate guide to styling & selecting a throw for your home

So, you’re drawing inspiration from an editorial, and you are casually tossing your throw to replicate the look. Except that you can’t get it looking like the photo at all. We get it. We often ask our stylists “how do you make it look so easy?” to which they respond with a nonchalant “Oh I just drape it and leave it.”
We understand your frustration – it doesn’t always feel that effortless to us either! So here are 5 gems of advice for you to be able make throws looks amazing in your home.

1. First, drape then pinch
We tend to want to keep fluffing and trying to get it just right – ultimately making it worse. Let us introduce the idea of the drape and pinch.
For sofa or chairs lay the throw out flat and then pick up the throw by pinching the throw about between two thirds of the throw in the centre of the middle, then lay it over the edge for the perfect drape.For beds halve the throw, spread across the bed straight or diagonally and then pinch.

2. Formal or casual?
If you want to create a tailored look you want to select a throw with some structure that hold its shape well – something with a framed edge can work well or woven style will work best.
For a more relax feel most throws will work well, but you want to make sure that it can drape well – knits can be great for this.

3. Pick the right fibre
Some fibres shed more than others so if you have white bedlinen and a malting dark throw it can be really frustrating when the shedding never seems to end. Cotton or pure wool throws and be a great way around this.
Always go for natural fibres so they breathe and help you regulate you body temperate rather then leaving you to overheat.
If your space needs some texture seek out knitted wools, alpaca or mohair to give you that cosy feeling.

4. Size is everything
Beds are getting bigger so if you have a king size bed with a pillowtop mattress its important that you get the right size to suit your bed.
Some brands are starting to make longer throws but many are still only around 180cm wide. This is when selecting a king single or queen/king size blanket can work well so you still get that luxurious over hang on each side of the bed.
For a sofa you want to select a throw that doesn’t require a lot of folding but is also big enough for the task at hand – sharing a one-person throw is overrated!

5. Have fun with it
It doesn’t have to be a “throw,” it could be a tablecloth, artistic quilt or a piece of fabric you love. Have fun making the space uniquely yours. Remember, if you can drape it or put it at the end of the bed, it can be a throw.


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