Our wall

We are very excited to have our very own mural artwork by Tom Civil, a local street artist who we comissioned to paint the carpark of the shop!

Now for how the story unfolded…..

   Day 1

   outlines of trees

going well…….

work continues….


We watched with interest the development of the work entitled “Into the Forest”. We wanted an Australian scene to reflect the nearby landscape and wildlife.

We have bats, an owl, a dog and our own little echidna! Come and take a look, it really is a beautiful and calming image.



 We even asked Tom to outline the designated carpark spaces in leaves, stones and twigs!

Tom Civil’s work can be found in many tucked away nooks of the city and the bush. He is interested in how street art and graffiti create community, mark space and act contribute to urban architecture. His stencil and street work has been featured in various publications.



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