Teixidors, a strictly manual process

The Teixidors factory in Terrassa, Spain produces extraordinary, unique textiles that are hand-woven on manual looms.
Terrassa has a rich history of textile production, from which Teixidors has enriched itself, becoming a reference point in the world of textile creation.


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Teixidors’ Ecological collection uses only 100% ecological merino wool sourced from Macomerinos, France. It is a natural material, renewable, local and totally traceable from the sheep to the weave. The collection also uses only natural dyes.



ability and softness against the skin.

The new range from Teixidors offers hand-woven pieces that are unique and easy to incorporate into any home. They feature a soft colour palette with beautiful fine details. Best of all they are so soft, textural and warm.

Come in store to see the whole collection.


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